Jan 092014
Button Box - remix

Find a 2-min contribution to Button Box on Linear Obsessional which contains 46 re-workings of Richard Sanderson’s recent album Air Buttons. It’s called eating through wires and you know why when you download it for free here.

Jun 082013
Who says banshees have no fun

A piece that I have made years ago with Viv Corringham is available as part of Museruole. The track with the fab title of Who says banshees have no fun can be downloaded for free here.

May 202013
In Memoriam

A little while ago I was invited by Mexican composer Israel Martínez to contribute to his brilliant project  In Memoriam alongside other artists such Francisco López, Murcof, Janek Schaefer, Philippe Petit, Simon Whetham and many more interesting folk. The piece is based on Israel’s experience strolling throughout the eccentric cemetery Jardines del Humaya in Culiacan (Mexico), capturing shocking messages that relatives and friends leave to their dead printed on canvas. You can now download this for free via http://www.suplex.mx.

Jul 242011
Meditations on Light: Alien Nebula Rider

A reworked version of  Simon Whetham’s ‎ Lightyears‘ project called Alien Nebula Rider is on Simon Whetham And Friends – Meditations on Light featuring: Simon Whetham, Fourm, Richard Lainhart, Philippe Petit, mise_en_scene, Maile Colbert, Scanner, Christopher McFall, David Wells, Iris Garrelfs, Yann Novak, Lawrence English & John Kannenberg. It’s rather interesting to hear one track mutate through the ears of such varied artists!

Dec 242010
Playing with Words: K

My track “K” can be found on the compilation “Playing with Words” which accompanies the book of the same name, both edited by Cathy Lane. It’s released on Gruenrekorderand also features tracks by Jaap Blonk, Jörg Piringer, Trevor Wishart and plenty more. See www.gruenrekorder.de

Feb 122009
Symbiosis Orchestra

The Symbiosis Orchestra presents a symbiosis of electronic and acoustic music, computer-based and natural processes, composition and improvisation, pulse and texture, sound and image. The album Live Journeys was released on Baskaru Records in Feb 2009. Click here for more on the project.

May 242008
Vox Novus: 60×60 project compilation (2006-2007), released by Vox Novus in New York, May 2008. Click here for more
Sep 122007
(Talking) Space to Space

(Talking) Space to Space is an ongoing radio/performance project. Using captured natural radio emissions from celestial objects, Iris reshapes these sounds into an audio composition and flings them back to the stars in a radio broadcast. Click the image for more.

Aug 142006

My piece Springtide, a 5.1 mix for Semiconductor‘s award winning Brilliant Noise is now out on Fatcat. I don’t often have the chance to record in multiple channels, and hence working on the piece has been particularly enjoyable. The DVD is out in Europe on February 26th 2007 and in the USA/Japan on April 4th 2007. World in Flux contains 13 films and 11 Brilliant Noise alternate soundtracks from guest artists, such as myself, Robert Hampson and more. Click the image for more.

May 142005
Specified Encounters on bip-hop

Specified Encounters is an album moulded from dissected and digitally transmuted voice sounds, released on the French label Bip-Hop in May 05. Check some reviews on The Milkfactory (in eng) or Intro.de (in deutsch). You can buy the album from the label directly www.bip-hop.com

Mar 142005
Photon Trouble

Photon Trouble, compilation track for Acoustic.Space.Lab : Radio Astronomy, a collaborative release of radioqualia, RIXC, and the VIRAC radio telescope and the artists (Adam Willets, Claustrum, Iris Garrelfs, Kaffe Matthews, Loosebot, radioqualia, Scanner, SI-CUT.DB, Tennis).     Photon Trouble uses signals picked up by the radio telescope and through a composed sonic narrative tells the […]

Apr 142004

Donna, an Art of Noise remix for The Abduction of the Art Of Noise, Iris Light. Collaboration with Si-cut.db. April 04. Last time I looked it was worth $5,659 new and  $99.99 used on Amazon.com. I have one left and am open to offers…