Oct 262001

Shiftage, as part of 4×4 commissions, Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Installation with Si-cut.db for the CCA’s opening presentation, Judge for the 4×4 Open Commissions. Oct 01

May 142001
It's Enough

It’s Enough, a compilation track for Female of the Species Vol1  in my BitTonic guise, on Law and Auder.  A collaboration with Chinese duo CHi2 appears on Female of the Species Vol2. 2001, reissued in 2011. Buy volume 1 here and volume 2 here.        

Apr 142001
Ave Maria

Ave Maria, compilation track for Hmm, Sprawl. 2001 Also featuring David Toop, Kit Clayton, Kaffe Matthews, Kreidler, AGF, Osymyso  and more. Buy on Boomkat.  “Hmm is about comparing the structures and functions of early sacred music with electronic or digital musics. Hmm is about exploring parallels, re-visiting the sounds and messages we were issued with as children, restructuring […]

Oct 142000
Recycled 200

Recycled 200, a collaboration with Si-cut.db for The Wire Magazine’s Wiretapper for the Wire’s jubilee issue 200, Oct 2000

Apr 142000
Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood, compilation track for Counterintelligence Subproject on the ECR label , Germany. 2000. Also featuring Aube, Kreidler and more.

Apr 141997

Assimulation, compilation track for Broken Voice, Sprawl. 1997 www.sprawl.org.uk