Mar 312014
Stone Table

Stone Table is an improvised performance work for locally collected stones and an amplified metal table. It was developed for Sonic cueB Festival in London, curated by Luca Nasciuti. The first performance took place on 24/3/2014. I spent the afternoon collecting stones in the local area – mostly in Hilly Fields – which where then used in the performance […]

Nov 152013
ACTS RE-ACTS residency

Fellow sound artist and photographer Tansy Spinks and I have been selected for a collaborative residency at Wimbledon Space as part of ACTS RE-ACTS Festival, organised by Wimbledon College of Arts to set up a debate about contemporary performance in fine art and theatre. It will take place from 25/2/14-26/3/14 and Tansy and I will have fun exploring collaborative, site specific sound performance through objects and improvisation. We played with similar ideas during a one-day workshop last year (which made it into my piece  Object and Process), and it will be very interesting to see where this may lead to.

You can find the residency blog here.

Jun 072013
Remembering Worlds

A 9-channel  sound piece made for the BeOpen Sound Portal as part of Sounding Space

By Iris Garrelfs with Charlotte Rose Desborough, Robbie Judkins and  Peter McKerrow

Sound Portal Designer Stephen Philips said in an interview that the main inspiration for the design of the structure was Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Coincidentally London College of Communication holds the Stanley Kubrick archive  and when combined with a love of sci-fi in general this seemed the perfect embarkation point for the sound artists’ sonic explorations.

Remembering Worlds builds on these influences and creates a journey in sound and space. The piece weaves together memories from the Kubrick Inner Circle oral history project at the archive with more personal ones to the piece’s creators, intersected with sounds that primarily live in cultural imagination: those of alien landings, titan battles and human exploration.

The result is a playful narrative that comments on  perceptions of imagining future and past, whilst folding these into the act of listening.

Here a stereo compression of the installation

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

For more documentation click here.

Feb 102012
over ride

over ride: An experiment to interrupt the sensorial interaction in audio visual relationships over ride is a series of experimental works for mobile phone designed to investigate creative ways in which the experience of audio visual relationships may be interrupted in order to facilitate a more considered encounter with the senses. The project was developed […]

Dec 102011
In A Day's Work

Two sound walks with a twist

In a day’s work are two sound walks with a twist. There is no sound to start off with. Furthermore, there isn’t really a walk either, but two interlinked experiences working hand in hand.

Click here for more.

Sep 152011
Room With A View

Room With A View is a film created during  a residency with the Urbania Collective at Grizedale Arts for the Royal Academy GSK Contemporary Season 2008/9 The film explores the juxtaposition between romantic depictions of landscape and every-day life through poetic charm. In 2012, an abridged version was featured in Ex-trauma, an e-book part of the Experiments […]

Dec 122008

Twine is an audio-visual piece made during a residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia, 2008. I had been to the gallery the previous year,  in 2007, for an installation of my piece Dumplinks, and had been invited back for the residency. Celje is an amazing place, full of culture and history, […]

Sep 152008

Swannsong was a sound installation at Leeds Crown Court for Evolution Festival 2008. The piece takes its inspiration from the case of Emily Swann, who was convicted with her lover of the murder of her husband in 1903. Commissioned by Lumen. Click the image for more.

Dec 122007

Dumplinks began life as a 4-channel interactive audio-visual installation based on recycling issues commissioned by Watermans, Brentford June in 2003. It has by now transmuted into ‘Dumplinks, a rubbish film for duck and other water based artifacts’. A shortened film version was shown at Arborescence Festival, Marseille, September 2004, as part of Circle of Sound, London in May 2005 and as a […]

Apr 122004

Spoor was a 6-channel audio and photographic trail exploring aspects of urban space, culminating in a live performance. It took place at Grafisch Atelier, commissioned by EARATIONAL Festival, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland) in March 2004. Click the image for more.

Sep 122003
Just Desserts

Just Desserts at Entry, an action research project into lifelong learning in West Bromwich, UK, commissioned by The Public (formerly Jubilee Arts), involving workshops with school children and residents of an old-people’s home, culminating in a 4-channel audio environment. July-August 2003. Click the image for more.

Oct 122002
Parallel Textures

Parallel Textures was a 6-channel audio installation based on the history of Reading for the Berkshire Record Office, commissioned by Art at the Centre, Reading. September 2002. Click the image for more.

Oct 262001

Shiftage, as part of 4×4 commissions, Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Installation with Si-cut.db for the CCA’s opening presentation, Judge for the 4×4 Open Commissions. Oct 01