Jul 122005
Changing Spaces

Changing Spaces was an evenings commissioned by Creative Partnership London North exploring creative learning environments and how we use and react to space. All the evenings combine discussion and experimental exploration. On this occasion participants were invited to transform an uninspiring space into an inspiring one. It involved string, screams and a lot of fun. […]

May 142005
Specified Encounters on bip-hop

Specified Encounters is an album moulded from dissected and digitally transmuted voice sounds, released on the French label Bip-Hop in May 05. Check some reviews on The Milkfactory (in eng) or Intro.de (in deutsch). You can buy the album from the label directly www.bip-hop.com

Apr 122005

Stimung, an audio visual project with filmmaker Mario Radinovic, comissioned by Croatian TV and released as part of Specified Encounters on Bip-Hop in Jan 05. www.bip-hop.com

Mar 142005
Photon Trouble

Photon Trouble, compilation track for Acoustic.Space.Lab : Radio Astronomy, a collaborative release of radioqualia, RIXC, and the VIRAC radio telescope and the artists (Adam Willets, Claustrum, Iris Garrelfs, Kaffe Matthews, Loosebot, radioqualia, Scanner, SI-CUT.DB, Tennis).     Photon Trouble uses signals picked up by the radio telescope and through a composed sonic narrative tells the […]

Jul 122004
Of Dual Nature

Of Dual Nature is an audio-visual DVD project premiered at Sonic Arts Network’s Sound Circus in June 2004.

Apr 142004

Donna, an Art of Noise remix for The Abduction of the Art Of Noise, Iris Light. Collaboration with Si-cut.db. April 04. Last time I looked it was worth $5,659 new and  $99.99 used on Amazon.com. I have one left and am open to offers…

Apr 122004

Spoor was a 6-channel audio and photographic trail exploring aspects of urban space, culminating in a live performance. It took place at Grafisch Atelier, commissioned by EARATIONAL Festival, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland) in March 2004. Click the image for more.

Oct 122003

Traces is an audio visual performance and DVD project with filmmaker Mario Radinovic. It was premiered at the Museum of Modern Art, Ljubjana (Slovenia) in September 2003. Click the image for more.

Sep 122003
Just Desserts

Just Desserts at Entry, an action research project into lifelong learning in West Bromwich, UK, commissioned by The Public (formerly Jubilee Arts), involving workshops with school children and residents of an old-people’s home, culminating in a 4-channel audio environment. July-August 2003. Click the image for more.

Apr 122003

Empties, providing the soundtrack for a video documenting the Squatting Scene in London, in conjunction with CSV / BBC Training. Feb 03

Mar 142003
Monza Lecta

Monza Lecta, re-release of collaboration with Freeform as part of the Bernt Friedman compiled and remixed compilation Condensed on Nonplace. March 03. You can buy a digital download for £0.79 via bandcamp.

Oct 122002
Parallel Textures

Parallel Textures was a 6-channel audio installation based on the history of Reading for the Berkshire Record Office, commissioned by Art at the Centre, Reading. September 2002. Click the image for more.

Jan 142002
Helix & A Theory of Disorderly Behaviour

Helix and A Therory of Disorderly Behaviour, two compilation tracks for Bip-Hop Generation vs 6 and release of Tennis remix, also on Bip-Hop. Jan 02

Dec 202001
Civic Halo

Civic Halo, a Tennis remix for the Furlines album on Bip-Hop. You can buy it here. I also did the press shots for the duo I seem to remember…

Dec 142001

Mixmasters, Episode 4 DVD, interview and mix with visuals by D-fuse for this audiovisual DVD. The Sprawl mix of Si-cut.db and bitTonic music with Dfuse visuals, released as part of a Mixmasters DVD (Moonshine, US) was broadcast on an Australian TV broadcast on 12th March; the DVD was also nominated for an MTV award. Read […]