May 142024

Iris has contributed to a variety of publications – read/watch/hear extracts here… [under construction]

May 142024


Garrelfs, I (in press). Musings on mycelic creative practice. In: Enclave Festival catalogue.

Garrelfs, I (in press). Every day. In: Anna Walker et all. ARE Journal.


Rogers, H and Garrelfs, I (tbc). Sounds of Resistance: Women’s Audio-visual Art in Britain (book chapter). In: Steve Gibson ed. Audio-Visualism: Reframing Relationships Between Sound & Image

Garrelfs, I (tbc). Phil Minton’s Ferral Choir (book chapter). In: Jeni Walwin (ed) Phil Minton: A Feral Voice 


Garrelfs, I (2021). Acts of air: reshaping the urban sonic (Sound Reviews). In: Sound Studies, 7:2, 269-272, DOI: 10.1080/20551940.2021.1879500

Tahiro─člu, K; Magnusson, T; Parkinson, A; Garrelfs, I and Tanaka, A. (2020). Digital Musical Instruments as Probes: How Computation Changes the Mode-of-Being of Musical Instruments. In: Organised Sound, 25(1), pp. 64-74. ISSN 1355-771

Garrelfs, I. (2019) Override: An experiment in interrupting the congruity of audio-visual relationships. SoundEffects – An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience, 8(1), 104-121. Retrieved from 

Garrelfs, I (2018). Sound in Place. In: Maike Zimmermann, [city]Frequency 2015-17 (exhibition catalogue), APT Gallery London, p.15 ISBN 978-1-9999976-0-1

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