Oct 172016
Soundscapes Landscapes Residency Athens (Greece)

Between 1st November and 8th November I will be in Athens (Greece), participating in the collaborative residency project Soundscapes Landscapes (City Above Life Below).  The projects brings together a group of international artists to work on a joint project for the Onassis Cultural Center in Athens. The project is envisaged to consist of mobile phone based soundwalk and a VR […]

Jul 062016
Landscape : Islands Residency blog

You can read an interview with one of the curators, Joseph Young, at http://www.attnmagazine.co.uk/features/10411. A documentary about the whole Landscape : Islands residency project produced by Tela Films: 01 September 2016 Exciting day, the opening. Yesterday we didn’t quite get around to balance the levels between the two installations, so that’s what’s left to do this morning. […]

Jan 122015
Listening Room - Tate Britain Residency

From 2nd-6th February 2015, during a residency for Tate Britain’s Radio City Season, I developed the Listening Room, a space for visitors to bring me objects and their stories around the theme of “hearing”.  These might be pictures, stones, sticks, in fact anything imaginable! I was at hand to record the stories and I later created a 4-channel […]

Nov 152013
ACTS RE-ACTS residency

Fellow sound artist and photographer Tansy Spinks and I have been selected for a collaborative residency at Wimbledon Space as part of ACTS RE-ACTS Festival, organised by Wimbledon College of Arts to set up a debate about contemporary performance in fine art and theatre. It will take place from 25/2/14-26/3/14 and Tansy and I will have fun exploring collaborative, site specific sound performance through objects and improvisation. We played with similar ideas during a one-day workshop last year (which made it into my piece  Object and Process), and it will be very interesting to see where this may lead to.

You can find the residency blog here.

Nov 112012
SoundFjord - Traces in/of/with Sound blog

Residency SoundFjord 12-18 November 2012 Day x: 18.12.12 Thanks to all who came to the performance in November and left their most interesting comments, from suggestion of extending the performance to a planetarium to creating live drawings with a data glove. I am working on it! For now I have made some documentation videos of the […]

Sep 152011

Urbania is a collective of six artists, Jessica Antwi-Boasiako, Iris Garrelfs, Oko Goto, Harold Offeh, Maki Suzuki and Patrick Lacey with different skills and diverse backgrounds in performance, sound, video, design and interactive events. We performed a live 4-channel composition by Iris Garrelfs at the Royal Academy, GSK Contemporary Season in January 2009, using instruments created by Iris. The show also saw our installation Red Storage Room. Click the image for more.

Dec 122008

Twine is an audio-visual piece made during a residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia, 2008. I had been to the gallery the previous year,  in 2007, for an installation of my piece Dumplinks, and had been invited back for the residency. Celje is an amazing place, full of culture and history, […]

Apr 122004

Spoor was a 6-channel audio and photographic trail exploring aspects of urban space, culminating in a live performance. It took place at Grafisch Atelier, commissioned by EARATIONAL Festival, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland) in March 2004. Click the image for more.

Sep 122003
Just Desserts

Just Desserts at Entry, an action research project into lifelong learning in West Bromwich, UK, commissioned by The Public (formerly Jubilee Arts), involving workshops with school children and residents of an old-people’s home, culminating in a 4-channel audio environment. July-August 2003. Click the image for more.