Apr 072022
Thameside Soundwalk

On 10 September 2021 Slow Media released a soundscape composition of sorts entitled Thameside Soundwalk.  It was created at the tail-end of Covid lockdowns and my daily walks around Deptford Wharf, London. At some point I began to take photos with my phone, posting them on Instagram every day through which I discovered a community […]

Sep 092017
Fixed Media

Iris Garrelfs creates fixed media works of various kinds, from films, mobile phone pieces and prints. Find out more below.

Aug 012017
Fountain 2017

“Fountain 2017” is a participatory project, envisaged as a kind of re-enactment of some of the occurrences around Duchamp’s iconic readymade “Fountain”, revealing what has happened to it in the 100 years since its inception.  The story goes something like this: In 2017, it had been 100 years since Duchamp put a loo onto a […]

Mar 082017
Paws Off!

Just in time for International Women’s Day 2017, Jude Cowan Montague and myself created a film called Paw’s Off.  It uses an improvisation by us two live on air at The News Agents, on Resonance FM during the woman’s march on 21st January 2017, responding to tweets and other media outlets. We’ve combined this with […]

Aug 172015

Smoke and Fog  are two experimental documentaries come audio-visual poems made from original photographic documentation. Each soundtrack presents a digitally transmuted vocal response to these images, referencing the equally smokey jazz clubs of the time by fragmenting a popular jazz standard of the period.. The project is part of a JISC-funded CREAM project to explore the use of Actively Used Metadata in research and other creative processes. READ MORE HERE

Jul 142015
Remote Listening

Remote Listening is new project, which is still in development. It involves participants calling me on a mobile phone within a set timeframe (one week for example), and me describing my environment to them. I envisage this as a kind of one-on-one performance poetry kind of experience. Here is a very short and rough example […]

Jan 122015
Listening Room - Tate Britain Residency

From 2nd-6th February 2015, during a residency for Tate Britain’s Radio City Season, I developed the Listening Room, a space for visitors to bring me objects and their stories around the theme of “hearing”.  These might be pictures, stones, sticks, in fact anything imaginable! I was at hand to record the stories and I later created a 4-channel […]

Oct 302014
Morse Code Choir

I am currently in the process of developing Morse Code Choir, a Dreamlands Commission from Radio Arts. It is due in late January 2015 and will be broadcast on Radio Reverb, Resonance FM, Phonic FM, BCB, Radio Papesse, WGXC (90.7-FM) and Wave Farm Radio (1620-AM). Click here for more.

Oct 162013
Object and Process

Introduction Object and Process began life as one-to-one workshops with three fellow artists, Tansy Spinks, Mark-Peter Wright and Dan Scott, trying of get a feel for how sound artists interact with objects through improvisation. The idea to the first part of  Object and Process was prompted by the first practitioner in the series, Tansy Spinks, asking if I considered using the […]

Sep 212012
Traces in/of/with sound

A live performance / installation series exploring vocal improvisation and drawing

The beginnings of the piece are my line drawings, which I want to connect with sound. It is also a series that charts the relationship between image and music by following the project’s development in performance using my live improvised voice and a film of my drawings.

for more on the project click here

Jun 252012
Spoken Songs

Things often are a matter of perspective. What changes when you change your angle?

Through my Spoken Songs I ask: what happens when you try to understand one thing in terms of another, in this case poems in terms of songs? Does a new understanding emerge?

click here for more

Feb 102012
over ride

over ride: An experiment to interrupt the sensorial interaction in audio visual relationships over ride is a series of experimental works for mobile phone designed to investigate creative ways in which the experience of audio visual relationships may be interrupted in order to facilitate a more considered encounter with the senses. The project was developed […]

Dec 102011
In A Day's Work

Two sound walks with a twist

In a day’s work are two sound walks with a twist. There is no sound to start off with. Furthermore, there isn’t really a walk either, but two interlinked experiences working hand in hand.

Click here for more.

Sep 152011
Room With A View

Room With A View is a film created during  a residency with the Urbania Collective at Grizedale Arts for the Royal Academy GSK Contemporary Season 2008/9 The film explores the juxtaposition between romantic depictions of landscape and every-day life through poetic charm. In 2012, an abridged version was featured in Ex-trauma, an e-book part of the Experiments […]

Sep 152011

Urbania is a collective of six artists, Jessica Antwi-Boasiako, Iris Garrelfs, Oko Goto, Harold Offeh, Maki Suzuki and Patrick Lacey with different skills and diverse backgrounds in performance, sound, video, design and interactive events. We performed a live 4-channel composition by Iris Garrelfs at the Royal Academy, GSK Contemporary Season in January 2009, using instruments created by Iris. The show also saw our installation Red Storage Room. Click the image for more.