Sep 152011

urbania1Urbania is a collective of six artists, Jessica Antwi-Boasiako, Iris Garrelfs, Oko Goto, Harold Offeh, Maki Suzuki and Patrick Lacey (both of design studio Abake) with different skills and diverse backgrounds in performance, sound, video, design and interactive events. The Urbania Collective acts as a forum for research, discussion, production and interaction by facilitating individual areas of inquiry in a collective framework. Together, Urbania share interests in communal living, utopian communities, sci-fi, and the changing aspects of creative authorship and collaboration.

The below works were created during a residency at Grizedale Arts for the installation Red Room at the Royal Academy GSK Contemporary Season 2008/9

Works and documentation:

1. Room With A View, a  film I made at ParkamoorIt explores the juxtaposition between romantic depictions of landscape and every-day life through poetic charm, An abridged version was featured in Ex-trauma, an e-book part of the Experiments and Intensities series published by Winchester University Press, curated by  Annette Arlander, Yvon Bonenfant and Mary Agnes Covey-Krell:


2. Iris Garrelfs talks about her contribution to the Urbania Collective project:


3.  a slideshow from the residency at Parkamoor: Images from our our Parkamoor residency in August 2008 courtesy of Grizedale art. We had no runnig water or electricity, but a great time all over.


4. experimenting with found objects at Parkamoor:


5. preview for the event at Royal Academy:


6. Red Room at the Royal Academy: Here you see images of us setting up the Red Room at the Royal Academy, our two Guerilla Soup Nights, our official Urbania Soup Night and more.


more stuff is at

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