Aug 012017


Friends, it’s 100 years since Duchamp shoved a loo onto a pedestal. Well known, nes pas. What is not quite as established is what happened to the thing afterwards. Thrown out with the rubbish, some say. By the looks of it, Marcel also really is a she, Mademoiselle Rrose S√©lavy in fact, and a very good friend of THE DOCTOR….

I had a good chat with the Doctor the other day and it seems that Rrose gave the iconic piece to her by way of a re-incarnation present. Now, every time she whizzes through 2017 on her timeless travels she sneaks the thing onto one heap of rubbish or other, wondering if someone might notice.

So. I want you to send me photographs of toilets in the street, in the rubbish, anywhere else but the bathroom! If enough of them come together I will collate everything into one image and submit it to the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition next year… where I am banking on it being rejected and thereby eligible for London’s very own Salon des Refuses, []. Any questions, contact me!


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