Apr 072022

On 10 September 2021 Slow Media released a soundscape composition of sorts entitled Thameside Soundwalk.  It was created at the tail-end of Covid lockdowns and my daily walks around Deptford Wharf, London.

At some point I began to take photos with my phone, posting them on Instagram every day through which I discovered a community of other river and weather watchers (incidentally, you can find the Deptford Wharf photography project on Instagram)

So when Richard Bentley asked me to create a piece for his ‘slow media’ project, a set of works for hospital patients in Reading, London, I was very excited about this opportunity to create a sonic portrait of my early summer walk and share some of this joy with others.

What can be heard in this soundscape composition is in fact a condensation of several walks, hours of recordings, overheard conversations between humans, between birds and dogs, the ebb and flow of the river where at times it laps onto the river wall, at times it recedes to reveal a beach full of beautiful pebbles and the occasional discarded trolley. Watching the continuous variety of this scenery, listening to the richness of its sounds has been a joy to me and I hope you will enjoy it too.

Thameside Soundwalk was commissioned by Richard Bentley as part of  a set of ‘slow media’ pieces for hospital patients in Reading, London. You can find out more about the project here (including a video in which we artists talk about our projects) and composition itself can be found here. 


>> LISTEN here

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