Feb 212020
“Breathing Through Wires”, is an improvised voice and wearable lo-fi electronics performance. This involves a head worn mic and a small hand-held speaker “by which sound is re-combined with body, re-focusing schizophonic experience” (Tahiroğlu et al., in press).
The performance is part of Garrelfs’ longstanding interest in the relationship between human expressivity and technology which, after working with laptops and Max/msp has now taken a somewhat retrograde step and explores the possibility of simple cheap electronic components, including and their distinct sound. The result is sometimes punkish, sometimes humorous, often playing with the obscure space between breath and amplification.
There is an album of the same title released in 2015 by 2014 Pan Y Rosas Discos,  which you can find here. It is the result of earlier explorations with voice and laptop.

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