Dec 242014

a1596620598_16-1Dance of the Mosquitos is a track made for the compilation”Two Minutes Left” on Linear Obsessional. All tracks are exactly two minutes long, and all used microphones somewhere along the line. As you probably have guessed, mine is made from voice sounds.

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A bit more about the track:

Dance of the Mosquitoes was created in response to a request by Richard Sanderson (Linear Obsessional label) to contribute a 2 minute long track for his x-mas compilation Two Minutes Left. Premise was that it should be exactly two minutes long, and use microphones somewhere in the process. As I am working with voice, a microphone always is an integral part of the work.

I sometimes like to throw the spanner in the works and use “bad quality” equipment – which on the face of it is a bit counter-productive when trying to capture the qualities of a voice in as much detail as possible. But you can always look at things the other way round and see what limitations add to the equation, or what changes happen by using different numbers to start with. 

Also, I find it intriguing that, when using extended vocal techniques to create more “abstract” sounds, many audiences will move towards identifying an animal source such as monkeys or insects, with the sounds they hear. In this instance, I turned this around and provided a specific animal clue in the title. I also used digital processes to mutate some of the sounds, and hence a (very tenuous) connection with the dance format.

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