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Dumplinks began life as a 4-channel interactive audio-visual installation based on recycling issues commissioned by Watermans, Brentford June in 2003. It has by now transmuted into ‘Dumplinks, a rubbish film for duck and other water based artifacts’.

A shortened film version was shown at Arborescence Festival, Marseille, September 2004, as part of Circle of Sound, London in May 2005 and as a 4-channel version at Sonic Recycler 2 at Watermans in April 2006.

It was also re-installed as a 4-channel audio-visual project at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, Celje, Slovenia in May 2007

The book “Glitch: Perfect Imperfections” by Iman Moradi and Ant Scott, published in New York by Mark Batty in November 2008 includes a tiny slice of the piece.

– watch the film here: 

– original press release:

Dumplinks, an interactive sound based environment 
Commissioned by Watermans

Every year the rubbish mountain grows. Every day, perfectly useable items are being thrown away, unnecessarily replaced by more fashionable successors. Finding beauty where nobody cares to look and listen, Iris Garrelfs has created an interactive 4-channel sound based environment around recycling issues, involving a found, downtrodden, but very colourful piece of plastic, and wire that explores notions of fragmentation and disintegration.

Tread around and explore the sonic equivalent of a recycling plant and its constituents. Surrounded by Iris Garrelfs’ multi-channel experience, rubbish takes on a new lease of life, magically transmuted. Created from sounds and sights recorded and filmed in Brentford’s waste and recycling business community.

The opening of DUMPLINKS was part of Sprawl’s SONIC RECYCLER on 7th June 2003 featuring live music from Scanner, Simon Fisher Turner, Tennis and Ticklish, DJs from XFM, Radio 3 and Resonance FM plus short films and more.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The work has been commissioned by Watermans

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