Feb 102012

over ride: An experiment to interrupt the sensorial interaction in audio visual relationships

over ride is a series of experimental works for mobile phone designed to investigate creative ways in which the experience of audio visual relationships may be interrupted in order to facilitate a more considered encounter with the senses. The project was developed as part of a practice based PhD, which investigates how multi-faceted artistic practices prevalent at the beginning of the 21st century affect sound artists and their work. It presents part of a research strand that explores how sensual experiences encountered in creative activity in turn impact on the individuals engaged in such activity.


over ride consists of two film-based works to be experienced on a double decker bus with the help of a mobile phone, headphones and earplugs. Both pieces aim to create a visceral sense of discrepancy between seeing and hearing with the help of the movement felt whilst riding on a bus. In both cases the visual aspect of the film shows a journey made on a similar bus whilst the sonic aspects and their relationship to the visual and kinetic information differ.


The pieces draw on Michel Chion‘s notion of Synchresis as ‘the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time’ [Chion, M. (1994). Audio-Vision : Sound on Screen. Translated from the French by Claudia Gorbman. New York: Columbia University Press, p. 63] and Niall Moody’s thesis that the motion inherent in sight and sound acts as a connecting device between the senses [Moody, N. (2009). Ashitaka: An Audiovisual Instrument. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, p. 66,  download here]


over ride game rules:

– download files to your mobile phone.

– make your way to a bus stop of you choice, preferably in London.

– don’t forget to take headphones (noise cancelling if you have) and some earplugs. The more you can cut out the ambient sound the better.

– board a double decker bus.

– grab yourself a seat at the front on the upper deck.

– plug yourself in.

– if you can, focus more on the sound than the image.

– enjoy!

– please do let me know how it all worked for you.  You can text me at (to come) or email converse [at] irisgarrelfs [dot] com

download the files



Download a paper about over ride given at SSSP 2012 here

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