May 252014

Unwitting scores was a performance commissioned for Forms of Ventriloquism curated by Maria Papadomanolaki. It took place at IMT Gallery, on 24.7.2014. The performance is based on an initial written record of a sound walk at Elephant and Castle, taken during a workshop by one of its participants.

For Forms of Ventriloquism Iris Garrelfs re-interprets the relationships between puppeteer and dummy, performer and score, by “throwing her voice” (as the act of ventriloquizing is also known) and giving expression to another time, another place, and another’s experience. These were relayed by visual and textual recordings of the initial activities. Iris Garrelfs now zooms into their fragmented traces, which become unwitting scores and prompts to a performative transposition of place.”

The initial image: 







Some of the graphic scores produced for the performance from the above original:


Some images from the performance:

A video extract:

Unwitting Scores from Iris Garrelfs on Vimeo.


Unwitting Scores has made it into an amazing collection of works curated by Poulomi Usurp Desai for the Google Cultural Institute from material in the British Music Collection at Sound And Music on occasion of International Women’s Day 2015. This collection also features works by the fab Magz HallRiz MaslenAin Bailey and many other amazing women! Find it here.

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