Apr 122004

A 6-channel audio and photographic exhibition at Grafisch Atelier, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland), during EARATIONAL Festival 2004

spoor n.

>1. the track or trail of an animal
>2. to follow a spoor or trail

Earational is an annual festival for current electronic music and audioart taking place in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Between 24th and 28th April 2004 I was given 4 days in which to travel through the town, look, listen and fill a space – the Grafisch Atelier – with traces of what I had found, depositing my impressions of people encountered and spaces discovered.

I began by walking through Den Bosch, recording my impressions through photography. Images were then transformed into audio and composed into a 6-channel audio installation. During this process I kept an open studio, inviting visitors to be part of the work as it prgressed.

On the final day of the festival I gave a talk and demonstation about Spoor, documenting my trail through the town and the festival, an unveiling the final piece with a closing performance.

The work has been commissioned by EARATIONAL

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