Dec 122008

Twine is an audio-visual piece made during a residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia, 2008.

I had been to the gallery the previous year,  in 2007, for an installation of my piece Dumplinks, and had been invited back for the residency. Celje is an amazing place, full of culture and history, yet quiet and very close to nature. I enjoyed strolling around town, chatting to the many artists resident there, watching white-water-rafting  ducks on one of the the rivers and making my way up the hills for grand views and even fresher air.

The piece explores and reflects on my travels in and around town during the residency through field recordings and photography. The result is a slow, quiet and atmospheric portrait of a specific location at a specific time.

The film below uses photographs, text and field recordings created during my stay. It was performed at Mediafest at MCC also in Celje, July 2008 where the sound was recorded directly from the mixing desk during the performance.

Low resolution documentation:

Some more images from the trip can be found on flickr.

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