Jun 252012

1. In a day’s work: Two sound walks with a twist 

In a day’s work consists of two complementary situated experiences, two photographic slideshows to be experienced in two situations with the help of a mobile phone. Participants are asked to listen to the sonic environment of one place, whilst watching images of another. In this exploration of situated sound it relates to sound walks. 


2. over ride: An experiment to interrupt the sensual interaction in audio visual relationships

over ride is a series of two experimental works for mobile phone designed to investigate creative ways in which the experience of audio visual relationships may be interrupted in order to facilitate a more considered encounter with the senses.


3. Traces in/of/with sounds: a series of live audio -visual performances 

Traces in/of/with sounds is a live performance series exploring improvised and processed voice and drawing.




4. Spoken Song – Draft

Spoken Songs is a new project. I have included this as a base for discussion.

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