Apr 152015

Eclipse is a site-specific performance commissioned by Radio Arts for Switched On at the Beaney Art Museum in Canterbury, UK. Juxtaposing the universe with mundane everyday life, the performance combines readings from Canterbury’s local newspapers (including personal ads) with sounds of the solar system with and musings about the recent solar eclipse. The following text was read as a point of departure:


The moon
Inserted itself
Between light
And this planet
Between warmth
And myself.

It grew dark
Underneath clouds
And yes

How thrilling
To think myself part
Of this cosmic dance
These precise
Machine movements.

Whatever image
One disc
Slipping in front
Of another one larger
Leaves no room for fear
Of growling gods
And such like.

That said
As earth nature stills
The universe moves.

Vast spaces

Who knows
What it really
Is all about?

Watch a documentary about the event:

Switched On Radio Arts Event at the Beaney Museum Canterbury curated by sound artist Magz Hall from Magz Hall on Vimeo.

Sounds courtesy of NASA and the University of Iowa http://www-pw.physics.uiowa.edu/space-audio

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