Oct 152015

Portfolio: Soundscapes Landscapes, City Above Life Below 

[All works are documented at http://irisgarrelfs.com/category/works. Info on other curent activities: http://irisgarrelfs.com]


Suggested works for this submission:


1. Twine

Twine is an audio-visual piece made during a residency at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Celje, Slovenia. The piece explores and reflects on my walks in and around town during the residency through field recordings and photography. The result is a slow, quiet and atmospheric portrait of a specific location at a specific time.

click here for the work: irisgarrelfs.com/twine


2. Room With A View

Room With A View is an audio visual work, created during a residency with the Urbania Collective for the Royal Academy GSK Contemporary season. It features fellow artist Harold Offeh musing about a specific location, photographs from the same location.

click here for the work: irisgarrelfs.com/room-with-a-view


3. Spoor

Spoor was a 6-channel audio and photographic trail exploring aspects of urban space, culminating in a live performance. It took place at Grafisch Atelier, commissioned by EARATIONAL Festival, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland) in March 2004. Click the image for more.

click here for the work: irisgarrelfs.com/spoor


4. Listening Room

Listening Room was a residency and 4-channel installation at Tate Britain, London. During my time there I talked to visitors about the experiences of listening and combined these into a 4-channel instillation.

Find documentation (including a stereo rendering) of the work at http://irisgarrelfs.com/tate-listening-room


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